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One Benefit Will Make Millennials Stay At Your Company 36% Longer

NEW: IRS Ruling on Tax-Advantaged Student Loan Repayments

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Peanut Butter CEO Preparing to Present at LIMRA Conference

In Some Cases Convenience Comes at a Cost

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Student loans delaying Millennial homeownership by 7 years

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Designing and implementing an effective student loan assistance program

Every student loan has a story...

Chicago Innovation Awards names Peanut Butter Finalist for 2nd year in a row [Vote Now]

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Powerful Member of Congressional Ways & Means Committee Visits Peanut Butter HQ to Talk Student Debt

Why 1871 provides its employees with Student Loan Assistance

EBN Benefits Forum & Expo invites Peanut Butter CEO to help employers ‘Design & implement an effective Student Loan Assistance program’

Peanut Butter to participate in BMO Fintech Program

Peanut Butter Proposes to Congress A Deficit-Neutral Approach to Student Debt Legislation

Leverage Our Experience To Design The Right Plan For Your Company

Peanut Butter @ Google Demo Day

Peanut Butter, a perk that sticks with employees and might spread via Chicago Sun Times

Peanut Butter & Medix featured on CBS

Marci McCalmon named top Chicago tech hire in May

Should my program have a benefits holding period, or be available to employees from the day they start?

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Congress Can Help Bring Student Debt Assistance to Small Business Employees & Lower Income Workers

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Leading States Are Considering Tax Benefits for Employers Who Participate in Student Debt Assistance

Developments in Peanut Butter’s Efforts for Federal Legislation to Make Employer Contributions to Student Loans Tax Advantaged

Congress Should Make Employer Contributions to Student Loans Tax Advantaged

Peanut Butter Welcomes HELP for Students and Parents Act and Celebrates Momentum in Congress

Northwestern Medill reports on Peanut Butter

Medix Fights Student Loans

Peanut Butter Joins U.S. Congressmen to Announce Bill to Make Student Loan Repayment Tax-Advantaged

Best of both worlds: Mirroring Plan lets employees pay down loans & save for retirement

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Peanut Butter Is On Fire

Pay off your student loans with Peanut Butter, via Millennial Money

Reducing Student Debt Attracts Millennial Talent, via Tech.Co

Founder and CEO Dave Aronson Live on WGN Radio

Partnerships with MMI and Holberg bring student loan counseling and financial planning

Top 5 Finisher at Tech.Co Startup Of the Year Competition

Partnering With Credible To Offer Broad Coverage And Simple Experience For Student Loan Refinancing

Peanut Butter Selected as a Top 100 Finalist for the 2016 Chicago Innovation Awards

Peanut Butter Named Startup Of The Year Semifinalist

The Benefit that Millennials Need: Our Technori Interview on WGN Radio

1-Minute Video: Intro to Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Accepts Award For Tech Start-up Of The Year @ Timmy Awards

Student Loan Repayment Plans Drive Diversity In the Workplace

Treatment of Student Loan Repayment Under FSLA Final Rule Change

Student Loan Debt Challenges Us All

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Stay Ahead of the Turnover Tide

Peanut Butter’s own David Aronson Speaks on Solutions for Student Loan Crisis at City Hall

Peanut Butter Talks With US Senator Dick Durbin

Peanut Butter Receives 1st Place at the Young Presidents’ Organization Innovation Week

Peanut Butter nominated for Moxie Award [vote now]

Is Student Debt Hurting the Economy?

Some States Aren’t Waiting for Federal Action to Help Residents With Student Loan Debt via GoodCall News

UpRight Law Announces New Student Loan Benefit

Peanut Butter Supports New Legislation that Takes Aim at Student Loan Debt Crisis

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Congress Considers a Student Loan Solution that Helps Companies Too

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Understanding the Student Debt Crisis

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What's In a Name?

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5 Quick Tips for Attracting Talent

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