Instacart Contractors Becoming Eligible for Student Loan Assistance

Aug 29, 2019 12:07:55 PM / by Jennifer Ryley

We're thrilled to support Instacart in its efforts to provide greater benefits to its 130,000+ contractor shoppers, including a Student Loan Assistance program administered by Peanut Butter.

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Instacart has been striving to improve its company's benefits and recently confirmed it will make a Student Loan Assistance program available beginning September 3rd.

"Millions of college-educated workers participate in the gig economy to supplement their income, or in some cases, to live the lifestyle they desire" states David Aronson, Peanut Butter CEO. "We look forward to helping Instacart's shoppers reduce their student debt burden by providing them with Student Loan Resources."

Read more about Instacart's announcement in Venture Beat >

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Jennifer Ryley

Written by Jennifer Ryley

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