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Create a student loan repayment plan today for your company and we'll waive monthly service fees for the first 3 months the plan is in effect (onboarding fees still apply). Exclusive offer for the Product Hunt community.

Help employees get out from under student debt

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Attract Talent

  • increase quantity of applicants
  • decrease cost to hire
  • shorten hiring timeline

85% of college-educated Millennials would accept a job
when student loan repayment is offered

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Reduce Turnover Costs

  • avoid lost productivity
  • reduce hiring costs
  • spend less on training

College-educated Millennials expressed a willingness to stay 36% longer when an employer offers student loan repayment

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Be an Employer of Choice

  • differentiate your employee value proposition
  • help employees get out of debt sooner
  • assist in resolving america's $1.2T student loan problem

Over 2/3 of college-educated Millennials would tell a friend about the benefits and perks offered by their employer

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Partnering with Peanut Butter has made the administration and roll out of the benefit a realistic thing for us to do without creating an administrative burden on our HR team

Peanut Butter is a straightforward tool for companies large and small, as well as a powerful resource for employers to recruit and retain top talent

Peanut Butter helps companies attract, retain, and engage college-educated talent with student loan assistance

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