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For one flat annual fee, employers get Student Loan Resources for the entire company. You can offer Student Loan Repayment anytime and you simply pay an additional administrative fee for each employee that receives your contribution.

Pricing Student Loan Resources Student Loan Repayment
Tier Medium-sized business
Cost $2,500 per year for company-wide access Contact Us + $5.00 per month per Repayment plan participant Contact Us
Best for companies who need to Engage college-educated talent by enabling them to tackle student debt. Attract & retain college-educated workers with a highly-valued benefit.
Features Student Loan Resources Student Loan Repayment
Employees receive
Marketplace where lenders compete for your loan   Included with Resources
Student loan management tips   Included with Resources
Personalized loan management insights   Included with Resources
Up to $200 rebate for refinancing*   Included with Resources
Debt counseling & financial planning options   Included with Resources
Financial wellness tools & videos   Included with Resources
Employer contributions toward your student loan balance  
Student loan monthly progress email  
Phone and email support  
Employers receive
Secure online portal for digital enrollment   Included with Resources
24/7 digital program management   Included with Resources
Documented terms & conditions for employee   Included with Resources
Custom plan design recommendation   Included with Resources
Participation and ROI estimates   Included with Resources
Employee communication templates   Included with Resources
Explanation of benefit to employee  
24/7 online reporting  
Employee loan verification  
Employer contribution payment management  
Sample Section 127 plan document or plan amendment  
Dedicated customer success manager  
*Rebate may differ based on company’s Student Loan Resources program.