Student Loan Resources

Help your employees take control of their student debt.

Student debt is confusing.

There are 45 million Americans with more than $1.5 trillion in student loans and 70% don’t know how to find out if they could pay less.

Empower your employees with Student Loan Resources.
Loan Management Dashboard

Organize their loans and view up-to-date information.

Curated Advice + Insights

Identify and implement money-saving tactics.

Refinancing Marketplace

We made lenders compete so borrowers get a great deal:

  •      Get quoted in minutes
  •      See rates without a hard credit pull
  •      Access more than 20 national and       community lenders
Financial Wellness Tools

Our library helps borrowers understand student debt:

  •      Federal and private loan guidelines
  •      Payment options, consolidation,           and government programs
  •      Special offers and discounts
Debt Counseling Options

Curated portal of free services and preferred rates from paid advisors.

Administer your company’s program with ease.
Employer Control Panel

Kick-off program in minutes and maintain secure access to on-demand reporting.

Communications Toolkit

Tried-and-trusted templates to announce your program and communicate its merits to employees.

HR Support

Your assigned Customer Success Manager will support your HR team on program administration, communication and plan design.

Easily upgrade anytime.

Student Loan Repayment

Provide loan contributions to improve hiring and retention of talent

Prioritize financial wellness

Be relevant to a modern workforce

Make a difference

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Employers & employees win with Student Loan Resources.

“I think that Peanut Butter has helped me realize how I can pay off my student loan faster. The tools on the “My Loans” tabs offer visually helpful graphs and charts that can be used to project the status of my loan based upon specific actions that I may take to reduce the time (and interest paid) on the loan.”

Carrie Bush, Associate Dean of Faculty at Adtalem Global Education

“Hassle free, easily accessible and user friendly! Peanut Butter has allowed me to achieve debt free status at the age of 26! I am so appreciative that the site is so easy to utilize and I was able to see the progress of my debt reducing in real time!”

Carly Awana, Benefit Services Consultant at ProService Hawaii

“The fact that my employer is prioritizing my financial health is extremely important and extremely valued.”

Jihan Bibb, Events Manager at 1871

“PB makes me feel like my organization cares about my financial wellbeing and the effort I put in to be a skilled worker and not just offering traditional continued education benefits. I can not promote Peanut Butter enough. It is an exciting benefit offered by my organization that sets them apart in the market and attracts talent.”

Peanut Butter User

“Peanut Butter helped me get out of debt faster so that I could save more money and allocate it to other things.”

Peanut Butter User

“[not having student debt]…frees up about four to five hundred dollars a month on top of other bills, so it’s so much more flexibility.”

Jadyne Yomono, Implementation Consultant at ProService Hawaii

Help your teammates tackle student debt.