Community-based Student Loan Assistance

We help rural and suburban towns attract new college-educated residents and workers


Rural distress is high
Remote work is expanding
Student loan assistance can help

States and municipalities have struggled to reboot rural America for years…


especially after the 2008 economic recession.


Net change in metro employment after 2008 recession


Net change in non-metro employment after 2008 recession

Rural cities often have smaller candidate pools with fewer college-educated workers to occupy jobs.


metro prime working age population has a college degree or higher


non-metro prime working age population has a college degree or higher

But now, with remote work on the rise, many workers are considering home ownership outside of metro areas.


people would choose to work remotely, at least part-time, for the rest of their careers


growth of people working remotely at least once per week since 2010

Student loan assistance can help attract new residents to rural

and suburban communities.

When counties, cities and towns offer student loan assistance, they may be able to:
Stimulate Economy
Boost Population Growth
Improve Age Diversity

See how Clinton County, Iowa uses student loan assistance to

bring great people to the area:

“We realize that reversing Clinton County’s population decline will benefit our tax base. Attracting people to live [here] through a student loan incentive was an idea we needed to make work.”

Eric VanDecker, Auditor, Clinton County

CARES Act changes to company-sponsored student loan contributions

Peanut Butter CEO David Aronson sat down with the folks at DevelopThis Podcast to talk about how remote work could spark a housing boom in rural and suburban communities across the U.S., and how student loan assistance can help those communities attract that talent.

Student loan assistance attracts workers to rural and suburban communities as remote work continues.

Now that many U.S. workers have the ability to live and work from wherever, cities across the country should begin ramping up efforts to attract those people to their communities.  

Webinar: Student Loan Assistance can help you bring college-educated talent to your community

Implementing a student loan assistance program helps incentivize college-educated workers to move to your area and encourages college grads to return home after completing their degrees. The result is more families staying together, increased economic growth, and greater sustainability for the community and its residents.



Attract college-educated residents and workers to your community today

with student loan assistance.