$200 Rebate for Refinancing

Putting money back in your employees’ pockets

The $200 rebate for refinancing gives employees a chance to put more money toward their student loans

Receive a Great Deal

If employees choose to refinance through our platform, they become eligible to receive a $200 rebate to put toward their loans. The rebate is paid directly to employees.

Leverage Refinancing Marketplace

Employees have easy access to multiple lender options. Peanut Butter will show employees the potential short and long term savings of refinancing.

Employees are seeing results

“The fact that companies are stepping up to help with the financial crisis of student loans. This is a detrimental dilemma that needs to be addressed and being able to receive assistance with repaying the loans is phenomenal.”

Employees are eligible to receive a $200 Rebate for Refinancing through Peanut Butter when their employer provides one of these solutions:

(Disclaimer: This may not be available for all companies offering Resources)




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