Central DeWitt School Board joining Clinton County to offer student loan repayment

We’re excited to share that the Central DeWitt School Board is the latest to spread the Peanut Butter and join Clinton County, Iowa’s intergovernmental Student Loan Repayment program.

Clinton County, Iowa recently embarked on a first-of-its-kind Student Loan Repayment Plan, offering government-sponsored contributions to new residents of its community. Together with the county, now a total of seven government entities are also offering this benefit: the county, along with the municipal governments and school districts in the county’s three largest communities — Clinton, Camanche and DeWitt.

Peanut Butter CEO, David Aronson, comments, “This forward-thinking Student Loan Repayment Program is a great example of how Clinton County and its communities are focused on creatively solving their economic development needs. Since student loan debt continues to plague our nation’s graduates, it’s refreshing that government entities are beginning to recognize how a modest contribution can motivate well-educated talent to live and work in their communities.”

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