Digital Enrollment & Phone Support

Employees can enroll online in minutes

Employees can start their digital enrollment with ease and have access to help

Receive Invitation

Employees receive an invitation from their employer to create their account online once the program has been announced.

Activate Account
Employees can set up their account in minutes.
Watch Explanation of Benefit

Employees receive a description of the benefit their company is offering, timing of payments and learn their responsibilities as a participant.

Complete Loan Verification

Peanut Butter will verify that each loan meets the qualification criteria for employees, confirming the loan has a balance and is a student loan.

Contact Support

Employees have access to toll free support through U.S. based help center.

Employees are seeing results

“The platform is well-designed and easy to use. My account was easy to set up and link to my student loan account”

Caitlin D, Software Engineer

Employees receive the Digital Enrollment & Phone Support when their employer provides this solution:




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