Define and document your program with ease

Peanut Butter documents the program and communicates terms to employees.

Define Repayment Plan

Employers can create one or more repayment plans then define each plan’s contribution amount, effective date, eligible employees, months of service to qualify, contribution tiers, and more.

Offer Tax-free Contributions

Employers receive a sample Section 127 plan document that can be used to qualify their contributions as tax-free when the employer complies with the terms of U.S. Code ยง?127.

Download the briefing to learn more.

Communicate Terms of Use

Our Terms of Use define your employee’s role as a program participant including their responsibilities, timing of payments, and more.

Employers and employees are well-supported

“The folks at PB are super helpful & their response time to any question is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. The platform is so easy to use it’s basically dummy proof, which is great b/c the last thing any busy administrator needs is an unintutive, clunky, time consuming tool.”

Receive Documentation when providing:




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