Extra budget dollars available after open enrollment? It’s an easy decision

The moment you’ve been preparing for your whole life, er, year has finally arrived. It’s basically the Olympics for Human Resources professionals. It requires preparation and dedication, it’s not for the faint of heart. You’re sure to encounter a few set backs or hiccups along the way, but ultimately you keep moving forward until the finish line is in sight. The moment I’m referring to is Open Enrollment, which for most companies has just happened or is happening at the very moment as you’re hiding under a desk to read this article and restore your sanity.

Many times after going through this annual event, companies will find themselves with a few extra dollars floating around. Perhaps less people enrolled in your Healthcare plan than expected, or opted for a plan that costs the company less. Whatever the case may be, this provides your team with the opportunity to introduce something new. Student Loan Assistance is the benefit you need to offer and a few extra budget dollars is all it takes.


With the time of the year rapidly approaching, you may be thinking it seems like a long shot to get a new program up and running. Fortunately, Peanut Butter has made getting your program up and running extremely easy. So easy, in fact, that you can have it done in under an hour. Our team will support you during implementation and be your partner throughout the duration of your program.




To initiate your program:

  • Finalize plan design and set program effective month
  • Provision company account and hold program initiation meeting (one hour)
  • Kickoff enrollment (participants enroll online in < five mins)
  • Monthly program administration (15-30 minutes)


Ready to put those extra budget dollars towards something that will help attract talent and keep employees at your company 36 percent longer? Click below to begin.