Financial Wellness Tools

Employees learn how to manage their student loans

Our library helps borrowers save on cost of debt.

Federal & Private Loan Guidelines

It’s important for employees to understand their loan and its requirements so there are no surprises.

  • Know your servicer
  • Know when you should start making payments
  • Read your promissory note

Repayment Options

Employees learn about payment options, consolidation and government programs.

  • Consolidation won’t cost employees anything and they can get a fixed interest rate instead of a variable rate.
  • Government programs can either assist or relieve portions of an employee’s loan.

Financial Counseling

Money Management International & other Peanut Butter partners offer student loan counseling to help employees understand their options and get their debt under control.

  • Increase financial knowledge
  • Create a personal action plan for success
  • Take control of student loan debt
Access Directory

We’ve compiled resources that answer questions employees may have about their student loans.

  • Online Counseling
  • Debt Collector Complaints
  • Loan Dispute

Employees are seeing results

“Peanut Butter has helped me realize how I can pay off my student loans faster.”

– Carrie Bush, Adtalem Global Education

Employees receive Financial Wellness Tools when their employer provides one of these solutions:




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