Forbes – Student Loan Repayment: The job perk of the future

Peanut Butter client, Calabrio, spoke recently with Laurence Bradford of Forbes about the impact offering Student Loan Assistance has had on their business. Read below to hear what Debbie Williams, Calabrio’s Director of Human Resources, had to say below or view the original version of the article here

How Companies Can Implement Student Loan Benefits


So, where should companies start if they want to start providing these benefits and experiencing the rewards they bring?

Debbie Williams, director of human resources at Calabrio, explains how her company implemented theirs. “In March 2017, we rolled out a program to our US employees in partnership with Peanut Butter, a company that administers student loan assistance programs,” she says. “In the first month, we had 67 employees enroll. Today, 30 percent of our US employee base participates. In total, we’ve helped our employees save over $233,000 and accelerate their payments by a total of 26,120 days–getting them one step closer to being debt free.”

Freeing employees from the burden of debt might be one of the most valuable things the employers of the future can do. And as more companies adopt these programs, they’ll help make the idea of pursuing an education less intimidating and more accessible to the next generations of workers–a win-win for everyone.