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Hiring and retaining is difficult
Employee turnover is expensive
Student Loan Assistance differentiates

Hiring and Retaining is Difficult


unemployment rate

across the US workforce


annual quit rate

across the US workforce

Employee Turnover is Expensive

average wage


cost to replace
lost productivity, rehiring & retraining

These Workers Have Student Debt


of employed US workers

average student debt per borrower

Student Loan Assistance Helps You Compete


offer acceptance


longer tenure
Attract talent
Retain employees
Improve diversity
Enhance culture

not for profits are seeing results

“We’re increasingly looking to meet our employees where they are, and offer them the benefits that they think are actually valuable, and that they’re going to appreciate, and that is going to make them more inclined to work at 1871 and be a part of what we’re doing here.”

Tom Alexander, COO at 1871

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