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Hiring and retaining is difficult
Employee turnover is expensive
Student Loan Assistance differentiates

Hiring and Retaining is Difficult


unemployment rate


annual quit rate

Employee Turnover is Expensive

average wage


cost to replace
lost productivity, rehiring & retraining

These Workers Have Student Debt


of those employed in the industry

average student debt per borrower

Student Loan Assistance Helps You Compete


offer acceptance


longer tenure
Attract talent
Retain employees
Improve diversity
Enhance culture

Employers in Information & Technology are seeing results

“…today 30 percent of our U.S. employee base participates in Calabrio’s student loan repayment program. In total, we’ve helped our employees save more than $233,000 and accelerate their payments by a total of 26,120 days — getting them one step closer to being debt free.”

Debbie Williams, Human Resource Director at Calabrio

“My student loan is paid off, which is less stress, which means I have more energy to focus on the things that matter when I’m at work. It’s all about balance, and this helped me find more work-life balance.”

Gabrielle Mink, Solutions Consultant at Ceridian

“To have the weight lifted and have your work investing in paying off your debt shows how much they care and how important you are to the company!”

Mandy Torres, Senior Benefits Specialist at Zovio

“It was very helpful in bringing down the amount of interest I owed and resulted in me paying less money out of my own pocket. When it comes to student loans, every bit helps”

User in Computer Software

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