Loan Management Dashboard

Employees can see their student loans all in one place

The Loan Management Dashboard helps employees stay organized and informed on the status of their loans.

Aggregate Loan Information

Employees can link their loans so they all exist in one place.

  • Link a new loan anytime
  • View up-to-date status of each loan

Estimate Loan Payoff

Employees can see when they will potentially be out of debt.

  • Date without assistance
  • Date with employer’s assistance

Visualize Loan Paydown

Employees can see how much they could potentially save.

  • Model out different repayment scenarios
  • Estimate principle and interest savings
  • See adjustment with employer contribution

Employees are seeing results

“I like how easy it is to use Peanut Butter to review loan information. The [My Loans] tab is great because you can enter information and see how it impacts the status of your loan.”

Carrie Bush, Associate Dean of Faculty at Chamberlain University

Employees receive the Loan Management Dashboard when their employer provides one of these solutions:




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