Peanut Butter recently mentioned in Crain’s Chicago Business

What is the social cost of the student debt crisis? A recent article in Crain’s Chicago Business explores this topic by looking into the lives of those most affected by it. It looks at people like Carolyn Raleigh, a new mother whose debt taken on a life of its own and will likely last until 2036. And Carl Wiley, a social worker whose crippling student loan debt may force him from his dream job. At its core, this piece tries to show the human suffering behind the staggering numbers.


This article also touches upon how some are trying to solve this problem. Peanut Butter, being one such company, was mentioned because our platform allows employers to securely pay down employees’ student loan debt — a unique benefit offering in today’s workplace, and one that is highly impactful given this growing problem. Click here to read the article.