UpRight Law announces new student loan benefit

On Monday, May 2, 2016, CEO Ed Scanlan announced that the company would begin offering student loan repayment contributions to employees. Scanlan made the announcement and provided remarks as part a press conference held by Congressman Robert Dold (IL-10). Mr. Dold announced new legislation that will ease the burden of student debt for individuals, as well as encourage companies to join in the student loan solution by offering tax-advantaged repayment benefits. UpRight Law


ChdnsKNWwAAcTcz.jpg-large.jpegScanlan points out that offering this benefit is consistent with the mission and culture of the company, and also views student loan repayment as a way to recruit and retain top talent. “Our employees partner with us to provide freedom to people struggling with insurmountable debt by improving access to justice,” Scanlan said. “We want to help them achieve that same freedom.”¬†Currently, 2/3 of UpRight Law’s employees have student loan debt.

The employee benefit program will be administered through a partnership with Peanut Butter. “Partnering with Peanut Butter has made the administration and roll out of the benefit a realistic thing for us to do without creating an administrative burden on our HR team,” Scanlan said.

UpRight Law is known for its innovative solutions, including its dedication to “bringing the law office to the living room” for the many Americans whose access to legal assistance is limited by various barriers, including geography, work schedules and childcare. In its efforts for both clients and employees, UpRight hopes to clear a path that will lead to broader participation and more innovative solutions in many sectors.

“UpRight Law is changing the legal industry and now offers one more strong reason why it’s attractive to build your career as a part of their team,” said David Aronson, CEO of Peanut Butter. “We’re thrilled to support UpRight as the company helps employees become debt free”.