Simple. To attract, retain and engage a diverse set of the most ambitious and well-trained workers in the world

Americans hold $1.5 trillion in student debt

There is a student debt holder living in most American households and working at the vast majority of American businesses.

Student debt has become unbearable

Individuals who are able to pay down their student loan debt earlier in life are able to put a down payment on a home approximately five years sooner than those who are not debt-free.

When employers offer student loan assistance…

  • 85 percent willing to accept a job offer
  • Employee tenure increases by 36 percent
  • Gender and cultural diversity improve

College-educated Millennials would prefer contributions to their student loans much more than any other benefit

Women in U.S. colleges and universities are earning 57 percent of the nation’s bachelor’s degrees, and also taking on 67 percent of the nation’s student loan debt.

Employers are seeing results

“We want to empower as many people to consider working for us and having a student loan repayment benefit not only encourages people to join our team, but empowers them to stay longer.”

Joseph Holberg, Founder & CEO at Holberg Financial

Top employers count on us to make sure Student Loan Assistance is done right.