Another five quick tips for attracting talent

Need to increase applicant volume or improve quality of new hires? Thinking about readying your hiring team to begin hiring the 2016 additions to your salesforce? We posted 5 Quick Tips for Attracting Talent earlier this week and follow now with five more.

#6 Track your Online Reputation

Your company’s reputation is extremely important when it comes to attracting top talent. Googling your company name is the first thing your prospective employees will do if they are interested in working for you, and what they find can make or break the deal.


Managing your reputation with job candidates can be quite complex and cannot be described in a single blog post, however a good starting point is ensure the hiring team is signed up for email notifications every time someone mentions your company name on a public web page. Visit Google Alerts to sign up.


#7 Create a Career Page

This might seem obvious, but many mid-sized and large companies do not have a compelling page telling people why they should work for them. Instead many companies have either a general message or simply a list of job. Make sure to treat this page with at least the same degree of importance as the page describing your products or services. After all, the people you hire will be the ones who stand behind what you offer to your clients.


#8 Create Detailed and Engaging Job Descriptions

More often than not, job descriptions are based on templates and do not resonate with the needs and/or priorities of the kind of people companies want to have on board. Such descriptions are talking to everyone and no one at the same time. Equip yourself with a vision of what kind of employees you want to attract, then use your employee value proposition to speak directly to this group of people without the fear of missing other potential prospects. Don’t forget to sell your candidates on all the company has to offer.


#9 Emphasize Your Corporate Culture

Shared values are one of the strongest enticements for prospective employees. Knowing what kind of people you are seeking to attract is key for building a corporate culture they would long for. Take time to analyze your corporate culture and see if it matches the desires of the kind of people you want to hire (e.g. internal promotion policies, relations between employees and managers, corporate celebrations, etc.). What do you need to change to make your company more attractive? Think about it.


#10 Spread the Word

Having awesome perks and a great corporate culture can only do so much if your prospective employees do not see your job reqs. To ensure they do, work your company’s network. Think about all the people your colleagues know — classmates, former co-workers, family, friends. The people who already work for your company have huge incentives to help attract new talent: improves company overall, they are seen as someone who knows about jobs, and in many cases they get a bonus for referring new hires.

Closing Thoughts

Job candidates form their opinions about prospective employers through hundreds, if not thousands, of interactions before and during the hiring process. Each time a prospective employee reads about your company or speaks with an employee there is an opportunity to showcase your company’s culture and its values. We hope these tips can offer a few valuable reminders to the recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers, who will work together to attract new talent to your company.

What tips do you have for attracting talent?