Established Features Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter CEO David Aronson recently joined Established CEO Frank Gruber on an episode of Startup of the Year’s podcast.

Startup of the Year is an annual competition hosted by Established, a consultancy focused on helping organizations with innovation, startup and communication strategies. 

A top five finalist of the 2016 Startup of the Year competition, Peanut Butter has since established itself as a leading employee benefits provider. Aronson was interviewed to help earlier stage companies prepare for the 2020 Startup of the Year competition, speaking to today’s entrepreneurs about the lasting impact the competition can have on a growing business.

During the episode, Aronson also breaks down how student loan assistance works, why it’s an effective, economical tool for employers of all sizes and why there has never been a greater need for financial wellness benefits than there is today. 


Listen to the full episode here.