How to design your student loan assistance program: Four part series

How To Design.png

It seems like everyone is talking about student loan assistance as an employee benefit. Team members are asking you about it and articles seem to be popping up everywhere.

It’s simple enough on the surface – employers are helping their employees pay off their student loans. Sounds great! But how exactly does this whole thing work? In this four-part series, we are going to break down the most critical components of evaluating a student loan assistance program for your company:

Step one:

Estimating how many of your team members likely have student loans and therefore would enroll in a student loan assistance program

Step two:

Deciding how much you, as the employer, should contribute toward your employee’s student loans

Step three:

Quantifying the total investment needed + projected ROI

Step four:

Figuring out how you’re going to pay for it


This series will launch in early January and we’ll add links to the different articles as they go live. If you’d like to receive an email reminder when new articles come out, subscribe to the blog on the right hand sidebar.

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