How to get executive approval for a Student Loan Assistance program

It’s mid-November, you’ve done your research for this year’s benefits and you’ve decided that you want to offer Student Loan Assistance to your employees come the first of the New Year. That’s great! However, you quickly realize that you need to take this to your leadership team for budget approval and you fear it’s going to go as many of them do, without a firm answer or approval, leaving you in limbo for the time being. Rather than going it alone, let’s join forces to build the business case for your company.


Earlier this year, we shared an article ‘The three questions executives ask about Student Loan Assistance’. The three questions covered were:

1. How many of our employees hold student debt?

2. How should we structure our Student Loan Assistance program?

3. What’s the return to our company? 


Knowing the questions that will likely come up before the meeting will help you prepare best for the conversation. Providing the answers to the questions before they have a chance to ask will get you even further ahead, and we can help. Peanut Butter is happy to help provide solutions to each question – feel free to email our client solutions team or browse through the articles we’ve curated to make approaching your meeting easier.

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