Introduce an innovative talent solution to the employers who look to you for advice

We provide employers with comprehensive Student Loan Assistance programs to help them achieve their talent goals.

Student Loan Repayment

Employers can contribute to student debt with ease:

  • Makes the greatest impact on hiring and retention,
  • Provides secure digital management of enrollment, verification, and payments,
  • Includes access to all of the features of Student Loan Resources.

Student Loan Resources

Employers can equip employees to tackle their student loans with:

  • Curated advice & insights,
  • Refinancing marketplace,
  • Debt counseling options, and more

HR departments receive Program Support, including:

  • An assigned Customer Success Manager,
  • Communications toolkit,
  • Benchmarks and analysis to design your Student Loan Repayment plan.

We support top firms

Working with us

You want a trusted partner that will support your client relationships with an excellent product and a high level of service. Serving US employers of varying sizes and across all industries, we have received top reviews from both employer users and employee clients.

Attract and retain talent

Help your clients become an employer of choice. Differentiate their employment value proposition by introducing the #1 benefit desired by college-educated.

Be a trusted advisor

Bringing Student Loan Assistance to your clients helps reinforce your position as a trusted advisor. We deliver an easy-to-use and wellness-forward platform that is effective and efficient for you and your clients.

Leverage our expertise

You don’t have time for multiple vendors in low premium categories. You know how to determine the eligibility for health insurance, and we know how to determine the eligibility for student loan assistance with a high level of service. Don’t worry about the details of plan design because we track the benchmarks, we’ve developed the best practices, and we’re here to make your client conversations smooth.

What you get from working with us

  • Materials to introduce Student Loan Assistance to your clients
  • Whitepapers on the best practices for Student Loan Assistance
  • Industry-specific papers with data-driven insights & employer testimonials
  • Fast turnaround for proposals
  • Digital scheduling capabilities for client calls

Which of my clients will this help?

Clients of every size and across every industry can benefit from Student Loan Assistance.

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