Peanut Butter & LifeWorks announce strategic partnership

Peanut Butter kicked off a new strategic partnership with LifeWorks today.  LifeWorks will include Peanut Butter’s Student Loan Assistance in its Employee Assistance Program (EAP), the world’s leading EAP that is at the core of the first total well-being platform.

By offering Peanut Butter’s Student Loan Assistance, LifeWorks is providing a robust financial well-being benefit to its employer customers. Through the LifeWorks Total Employee Well-being platform, employers will be able to seamlessly make student debt contributions for their people as an employee benefit and provide impactful resources to help employees manage their student loan debt.

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Jon Harris, COO of LifeWorks, said that, “partnering with Peanut Butter gives LifeWorks an important new avenue to help employers keep their employees financially healthy with hands-on financial education, support and services.”  He continued, “as student debt becomes an increasingly critical issue for young workers, LifeWorks can help employers make their employees feel supported and guided by offering Student Loan Assistance using Peanut Butter’s seamless platform.”

Peanut Butter and LifeWorks are going to have a profound impact helping employers increase productivity and improve employee retention.  Peanut Butter’s clients are champions in their employees’ efforts to be free from student debt, the top financial goal of Millennial workers.  Get Started with Student Loan Assistance for your company today!

More About LifeWorks:

LifeWorks helps employers care for and support their employees’ well-being while simultaneously helping their company culture and business results thrive. Their Total Employee Well-being solution achieves this with the help of a beautifully designed mobile-first platform that learns from user interactions while combining HR programs previously only found across stand-alone employee assistance and wellness programs and applications. Learn more at