Rise Interactive sees everyone ‘Rise’ with Student Loan Assistance

“Each month when I get that email… [from Peanut Butter] letting me know that my employer put me just a little bit closer to paying off my student debt, it definitely puts a pretty big smile on my face,” says Rise Interactive’s Daniel Ripes, Vice President of Partnerships.

Rise produced a video expressing their excitement about incorporating Peanut Butter’s Student Loan Assistance into their benefits package. “I have to say, it’s the benefit our people are most proud of, even if they don’t have student loans, they’re excited to say ‘I work at a company that supports those that do’,” says Nicole Skaluba, the company’s Director of Employee Services.


Rise Interactive & Peanut Butter: Student Loan Assistance helps team members rise

In the video, Chief Operating Officer Scott Conine and Skaluba tell an interesting story about how the company received surprising results from an employee engagement survey. Some respondents complained about the 401(k) plan, but the plan was really pretty good. So the company dug deeper and learned that the complaints mainly concerned student loan debt. “They wanted to save for their 401(k), but they didn’t feel that they could because they wanted to pay their student debt first,” says Skaluba. Conine agrees, “now we gave our staff not only the ability to save for the future, but also to address their economic situation today.”

A four-time National Best and Brightest Company to Work For, Rise Interactive is also enjoying an advantage by offering the benefit, “We’re seeing retention go up…this comes as win for my employees, everyone wins, everyone ‘rises,'” says Conine.

Rise Interactive has been highlighted by Employee Benefit News (EBN) and the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) as an example for how to effectively design and administer a Student Loan Assistance program.

Is your organization looking to see everyone rise with Student Loan Assistance? Contact Peanut Butter today and our Client Solutions team can help design a program that will help achieve your talent goals.