Why ProService Hawaii offers Student Loan Assistance

ProService Hawaii, the state’s number one Payroll and Benefits Administrator, offers Peanut Butter’s Student Loan Assistance to its employees.

President and CEO Ben Godsey is particularly happy that the company can help its employees in a way that is relevant to their lives.

“It has real meaning in this day and age for younger workers looking to get ahead, looking to put their student debt behind them and be able to start working on building towards family or buying a house,” Godsey said.

The team agrees, according to Chief People Officer Trisha Nomura, “employees were ecstatic to learn that just by working at ProService they were going to be able to pay down their loans 30 percent faster.”

As a human resources company, ProService understands that relevant engagement with employees is smart business. Godsey believes that, “sharing in the [student loan] repayment responsibility makes a big impact on [our employees’] lives and also obviously benefits the company.”  Carol Surban, Director of Client Information Services agrees.

“[ProService’s] focus on helping us succeed as individuals means that we can succeed as a team,” Surban said.


ProService believes so strongly in Student Loan Assistance that it will also introduce the benefit to its approximately 3,000 business clients across Hawaii.

“It’s the type of benefit every employer should consider,” Godsey said.

Is your organization looking to engage its employees like ProService Hawaii is with theirs?  Contact Peanut Butter today and our Client Solutions team can help design a program that will help achieve your talent goals.