Combat work from home burnout with Student Loan Assistance

There is no doubt that Americans are feeling stressed and anxious these days.

A global shift to remote work for several industries has forced many Americans to learn how to juggle; An ever-complicated balancing act of working from home and homing from work.

As the global pandemic continues to spread, so does the phenomenon of work-from-home burnout.

More than 69 percent of U.S. employees are experiencing “burnout symptoms” while working from home. While there are numerous factors contributing to burnout, one of the greatest stressors on U.S. employees is money, with 72% of employees admitting their financial stress is getting in the way of their work.

So what can employers do to help combat work-from-home burnout? How can companies re-engage a virtual workforce that is virtually drained?

Peanut Butter is the benefits administrator for Student Loan Assistance. With three unique student debt solutions to choose from, employers of any size, in any industry, with any budget can find a program that works for their company and their workforce.

Student Loan Assistance is a meaningful benefit that employees really want. With so many U.S. workers suffering from financial hardship this year, a Student Loan Assistance benefit is a great way for employers to show their team members that they care about their financial wellbeing, and are committed to helping out.

Employers looking to make a difference in the lives of their employees and effectively re-engage a burnt out workforce can implement a Peanut Butter Student Loan Assistance program in under an hour.

To learn about our offerings and get started, click here to pick a plan.