What’s in your toolkit? Employee Enrollment Example

All Peanut Butter clients receive an administration and communications toolkit full of resources to help them make the most of their student loan assistance program. This blog series “What’s in your toolkit?” is designed to help employers discover and understand the various materials included in their toolkit. Log in here and navigate to the “Toolkit” tab to explore your materials.

Interested in experiencing Peanut Butter as your employees will? Log in to your Peanut Butter account hereand navigate to the “Toolkit” tab to find an “Employee Enrollment Example.”

This document will give you an understanding of how the enrollment experience works, including information about:

  • What materials employees recieve upon enrollment
  • How the loan verification process works
  • How to access curated advice and insights
  • How to navigate the Refinancing Marketplace
  • How to discover debt counseling options
  • Payment management and reporting
  • Toll-free and online support