What’s in your toolkit? Request to Whitelist Vendor

All Peanut Butter clients receive an administration and communications toolkit full of resources to help them make the most of their student loan assistance program. This blog series “What’s in your toolkit?” is designed to help employers discover and understand the various materials included in their toolkit. Log in here and navigate to the “Toolkit” tab to explore your materials.

Student Loan Assistance program communications from Peanut Butter rely on email. In order to improve email deliverability, we ask that Peanut Butter clients please provide a “Whitelist Request” to their company’s IT System Administrator. This will ensure that all communications from Peanut Butter are delivered to employers and their team members, ensuring that no one misses any important updates regarding their Peanut Butter accounts. 

Peanut Butter makes this process easy. Just log into your account here, and navigate to the “Toolkit” tab to find a “Request to Whitelist Vendor” document.