Partnerships with MMI and Holberg bring student loan counseling and financial planning

Today, I’m pleased to announce two new partnerships that add complementary services to our core student loan repayment administration offering. We’ll be working with Money Management International (MMI) and Holberg Financial (HF) to provide student loan counseling and financial planning to our clients’ employees. When combined with the refinancing marketplace available through our partner, Credible, these services enable us to deliver fully-featured, flexible, objective student loan assistance programs that help companies attract, retain and engage college-educated workers.


Money Management International brings student loan counseling and advocacy

Sometimes we need a coach, and sometimes we need a teammate. For student loan borrowers, MMI is both. Their trained counselors are available 24/7 to help assess employees’ student loan situations and explore ways to reduce their debts. If employees need a helping hand, MMI can be their advocate by working with lenders and loan servicers to restructure loan terms.

MMI is the largest non-profit, full-service credit counseling organization in the nation. They’ve been providing financial counseling since 1958 and served 122,000 individuals and families in 2015 alone.

Holberg Financial offers financial planning and advisory

Debt is just one side of the balance sheet and often the exercise of managing debt can lead to questions about managing an employee’s overall financial future. HF can help. In a matter of minutes, employees can receive a personalized financial health score, then engage with a FINRA-registered financial advisor to begin building a financial plan.

Holberg has helped students, adults, employees and entrepreneurs plan for their financial future through work with Americorps, Teach for America and Google.

We’re building partnerships because we’re committed to providing world-class services to employers

Peanut Butter helps employers design and administer student loan assistance programs that accelerate their talent goals.

We are professionals in HR-services and benefits administration. That’s why we’ve built a world-class student loan repayment engine. There is no benefit today that can have as profound an impact on attracting and retaining talent as student loan repayment (learn more by downloading the Millennial Benefit Preferences study).

We also recognize that there are folks better-suited to provide counseling, financial advisory and refinancing to your employees. So we’ve sought them out and partnered with some of the best so that the employees of our clients have access to the resources they need. It’s an honor to serve top employers, now with the partnership of Money Management International and Holberg Financial.

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