Student Loan Assistance Pricing FAQs

Prospective employers and brokers are often surprised by how affordable Student Loan Assistance programs are when we explain our pricing structure. In this article, we break down the most frequently asked questions regarding our Student Loan Assistance program pricing.

Employers often ask if there is an implementation fee for our Student Loan Assistance solutions.

Peanut Butter does not collect an implementation fee for any of our programs.

Another question we hear a lot is, “Is there a minimum charge for Repayment participation?”

No, there is not a minimum charge for participation in Student Loan Repayment.

Is there an extra charge for family members, part time employees, or contractors to use Resources?

No. Each simply counts as an “employee.” To see your total annual charge for Resources, click here, and include these people in your total employee count at the top of the page.

Is there an extra charge for additional administrator licenses?

No. Your company will have unlimited admin licenses to support the reporting needs of your HR, finance and communications teams.

How long does it take to setup a program?

Your program can be setup and kicked off in under an hour. Click here to schedule your company’s Program Initiation call.


Peanut Butter’s pricing for Student Loan Assistance is straightforward and easy to understand. Our Pricing Page allows employers and brokers alike to calculate the approximate cost of a Student Loan Assistance program of their choosing.

To explore our solutions, create a budget for Student Loan Repayment, schedule a call and more, click here.