Promote your Student Loan Assistance program with a press release

Your organization can capitalize on the newness and relevancy of Student Loan Assistance as an employer-sponsored benefit by issuing a press release detailing your program. 

Student loan debt is a nationwide problem, but also one that will feel very personal in your community. Issuing a press release is an easy way to showcase that you are an employer who understands this burden and its downstream effects. You genuinely care about the financial well-being of your employees and realize that by offering solutions to help employees better manage their student debt, you can help them get out of debt sooner. This is especially relevant if you are offering Student Loan Repayment as a benefit, where your monthly contributions make a direct impact on your employees’ debt burden.

The economic impact of student debt is another important angle to include in your press release. Employees who are burdened with a significant amount of student loan debt are usually unable to consider other financial life choices, such as buying a house or contributing significantly to their retirement. What’s more, the economic impact of student debt is increasingly being felt by older generations, too. This may include parents who have taken out student loans in their own name to help their children pay for college or those who are deferring their own retirement savings to lend or give money to their children to reduce their student loan balance.

Once you’ve gotten your initial press bullets articulated, reach out to local publications, trade journals, news stations and schools to let them know what you’re doing. Include a link to any open positions on your company’s career page to make it easy for potential candidates to apply, now that they’ll see you as an employer who cares about this important issue.

See how St. Michael’s used a press release to promote their Student Loan Assistance program here: