St. Michael’s Inc. Implements Student Loan Repayment Program

St. Michael’s Inc., a government contracting firm that provides financial management to defense and intelligence agencies throughout the U.S., recently announced their Student Loan Assistance Program with Peanut Butter.


By offering a Student Loan Repayment program, St. Michael’s Inc. plans to mitigate the burdens of student debt for internal teammates. 


“Employee-owners at St. Michael’s Inc. worked incredibly hard in school to become amazing professionals who demonstrate the core values our company is based on. Their commitment to clients is second to none, so we want to do our part by impacting their lives with helping pay their student debts.” Todd Brymer, President of St. Michael’s said.


Along with St. Michael’s sponsored contributions to employees’ loans, their Student Loan Assistance program also provides employees with Student Loan Resources to help them organize and manage their debt. 


Read the full press release here.