The benefit that won’t burden your HR team

With 2019 right around the corner, your organization may be thinking you missed the boat on adding some new benefits to next year’s offering. While that may be the case for other benefits, it doesn’t have to be the case for Student Loan Assistance. Peanut Butter has streamlined the process, so you can begin offering it today (it’s true – which is one of the reasons we have a 5-star rating on G2 Crowd)!

Peanut Butter can make it easy for your company to offer Student Loan Assistance by providing:

Student Loan Resources: digital tools to manage student debt; employees receive curated advice and insights, access to a refinancing marketplace, debt counseling options, financial wellness tools and more.

Student Loan Repayment: administration for company-sponsored loan contributions; digital enrollment & loan verification complete with online and telephonic support as well as ongoing payment management.

Program Support: a secure online control panel to manage their program and partnership from a Peanut Butter Customer Success Manager to help implement best practices for program communications and plan design.


A Student Loan Assistance Program can be setup digitally and launched in under an hour. Initiating your program is simple, with support from your partners at Peanut Butter:

Plan effective month:    Confirm/finalize plan design.

                                         Execute client services agreement.

                                         Provision company account (15 minutes).

                                         Hold program initiation meeting (45 minutes).

                                         Conduct enrollment (participants enroll online in < five mins).


Ongoing:                         Monthly program administration (15-30 minutes).

Employers love working with Peanut Butter because we are focused on their success. ProService Hawaii’s Chief People Officer, Trisha Nomura, said, “The implementation and administration of this benefit has been both intuitive and painless – we couldn’t be happier with our choice to work with Peanut Butter!”

Ready to see for yourself?