What’s in your toolkit?: Social media posts

All Peanut Butter clients receive a toolkit full of resources to help them make the most of their student loan assistance program. This blog series “What’s in your toolkit?” is designed to help employers discover and understand the various materials included in their toolkit. Log in here and navigate to the “toolkit” tab to explore your materials.

If you’re an employer who is offering or considering offering student loan assistance as a benefit to your employees, promoting your program on your social media accounts is a great way to drive engagement from both potential new hires and existing employees. 

To make things extra smooth, we created some sample posts to help you and your team members promote your program on social media: 

Twitter posts

We are helping our employees tackle their #studentdebt in partnership with
@peanutbutterget! #employeewellness #studentloanassistance

Stressing over your #studentdebt? Join our team and we can help! We’ve partnered with @peanutbutterget to bring our employees a #studentloanassistance program that will help them pay down their #studentloans faster. #workplaceewellness #employeeappreciation

By offering @peanutbutterget student loan repayment services to our employees, [insert company name] plans to reduce the burden of student debt on its workers and support employee financial health. #workplaceewellness #employeeappreciation #financialfreedom

Employees at [insert company name] worked incredibly hard in school to become the dedicated professionals they are today. We want to give back by implementing a #studentloanassistance program to help them pay down their #studentloans faster. #workplaceewellness #employeeappreciation

Facebook and LinkedIn posts

Student debt is the number one financial stressor on the U.S. workforce, with 45 million people collectively holding more than $1.5T in student loans. That’s why today we are introducing a new student loan assistance program for our employees, administered by @Peanut Butter! We value our team and are thrilled to be helping with this critical issue.

[insert company name] empathizes with its employees and their financial situations, and is committed to building a mutually beneficial, long-term working relationship with them. With a student loan assistance program administered by @Peanut Butter, [insert company name] is able to provide student debt support to employees. 

In [month, year], [insert company name] rolled out a student loan assistance program for employees in partnership with @Peanut Butter. Today, [insert company name] has helped its employees save over $[amount] and accelerate their payments by a total of [#] days, getting them one step closer to being debt free.

At [insert company name], we recognize how painful student debt can be on our employees. Through our new student loan assistance program administered by @Peanut Butter, our employees can achieve a debt-free future sooner than they otherwise would. 

Want to put your own creative spin on things? Here are a couple of ways to develop social media content to promote your student loan assistance program:

  • Gather quotes from your CEO, CFO or other senior management on the importance of offering student loan assistance to your employees and the positive impact it will have on the community. 

See how ProService Hawaii promoted their student loan assistance program in this video: https://www.getpeanutbutter.com/why-proservice-hawaii-offers-student-loan-assistance/

  • Have the company’s benefit administrators or department heads post stats, quotes or stories about the success of student loan assistance. Include stats about America’s student debt problem and how your company is helping with solutions for your employees.

  • Once you’re a few months into the program and employees are enjoying the benefit, get testimonials from employees on the personal impact student loan assistance has had for them.


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