Creating value for employees headed into 2024

As we kick-off 2024, research and data on end-of-year spending are already surfacing. According to The 19th News, “Student loan repayments are putting a damper on holiday spending — especially for Gen Z and millennials.”

As widely known, federal student loan payments resumed nationwide in October 2023, resulting in the average borrower facing a monthly payment of over $300 towards their student loans. This financial consideration, absent during the holidays for over three years, is impacting millennials and Gen Z, who increasingly constitute a larger portion of the US workforce. To address the financial uncertainty faced by these groups, employers must think innovatively about their benefits, and student loan assistance emerges as a potential solution.

By adopting the industry’s most common program, offering $50 per month, companies can assist their employees in clearing student debt in 8 years instead of 10. This approach translates to savings exceeding $7,000 in principal and interest over that period. Such initiatives not only alleviate financial stress in the workplace but also earn employees’ recognition that their employer supports them.

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