[PYMNTS] Businesses Offering Student Loan Help to Gain Recruitment Edge

In a recent article from PYMNTS, Student Loan Repayment was highlighted as a unique way for employers to attract talent. It was cited that nearly 70% of college graduates believe their student debt will influence career choices. It also highlights the fact that 3x more employers are advertising Student Loan Repayment in their job posts today, than they did in 2020. Yet still the benefit is only being mentioned in 3% of job listings in total nationwide. There’s a sizeable opportunity for employer’s to use their Student Repayment plan to attract new talent.

Peanut Butter clients have consistently expressed attracting talent as one of the primary motivators to offering Student Loan Assistance programs, and have reaped the results of bringing talent through the door 13% faster. With an average monthly contribution amount of just $50 toward employees’ debt. The benefit also is proven to be impactful at a modest cost. To learn more about our programs, and even build your benefit budget today, you can visit our pick-a-plan page.

Read the original PYMNTS post: https://www.pymnts.com/loans/2023/businesses-offering-student-loan-help-to-gain-recruitment-edge/