Support employees returning to the office with Student Loan Assistance

As we make our way through the back-half of the year, more and more employees are being asked to return to the office. Not surprisingly, there’s been significant pushback from employees that have been asked to move on from their work-at-home environment. A recent article from Yahoo! Finance covered the impact of this workplace shift.

With changes like these, many employers will need to think out-of-box with their benefits. Student Loan Assistance presents a timely opportunity to help these groups bolster company culture while improving their employee value proposition. 

Alongside the return to office initiatives also comes an end to the federal student loan payment holiday, and employees around the country will prepare to make payments on their student loans for the first time in over three years — starting in October at an average monthly cost of $350. Student Loan Repayment programs with Peanut Butter are not only a high value for company culture but effective in attracting and retaining talent at a low cost. The majority of employers who contribute to student loans offer $50 per month. While this may seem a modest cost for the company, these programs help the average employee/borrower get out from under her debt in 8 years instead of 10 and save over $7,000 in principal and interest over the life of the loan. 

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