Top 10 symptoms of a misaligned employee value proposition

Do you, like many employers, feel like you are bending over backwards to create an environment that’s awesome to work in but still losing top employees? Or, are you struggling with finding decent talent and then actually getting them to accept your company’s offer? If you answered yes to either of these questions or are finding it hard to reach your hiring goals, there’s a good chance your company’s value proposition is misaligned with what current and perspective employees actually want. 

So, how do you know if a misaligned employee value proposition is what’s keeping your company from engaging the talent that you want? We’ve outlined below several symptoms that are the common roadblocks in achieving your company’s goals.


If you are… 

Facing challenges recruiting

  • 10 – Long hiring timelines
  • 9 – More candidates declining offers
  • 8 – Recruiters asking for higher salaries

Unable to retain talent

  • 7 – Employee turnover increasing
  • 6 – More stay bonuses offered this year than last
  • 5 – Managers requesting more budget

Finding benefits are ineffective at creating engagement

  • 4 – Employees are not capitalizing on company 401k match
  • 3 – Only 1 in 20 employees utilize tuition reimbursement
  • 2 – No one shows up to benefits enrollment meetings or elects supplementals
  • 1 – The ping pong table is collecting dust

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