Feature Focus: Digital Enrollment

With Peanut Butter’s Digital Enrollment & Phone Support features, employees can elect to participate in your company’s Student Loan Repayment plan online from any device, in just a couple of minutes.

Peanut Butter makes it easy for employers to offer Student Loan Assistance as a benefit. This blog series entitled, “feature focus” is designed to help employers understand how the features of our platform can help your program run smoothly.

Imagine…your company has decided to offer $50/month in Student Loan Repayment.

As the program administrator, you’ve taken about an hour to create your company’s Peanut Butter account, document and define your plan, and meet virtually with your Peanut Butter Customer Success Manager (yes, all of that can be accomplished in an hour). You’ve used Peanut Butter’s Communications Toolkit to announce your new benefit to employees, and now you’re ready to kick-off enrollment. Woohoo!!

Is everything set? It sure is. When you invite your employees to the program:

  • They’ll receive a welcome email describing the program
  • They’ll click through to create their free and secure Peanut Butter account
  • They’ll be presented with a full explanation of the benefit your company is offering, based on your plan settings
  • They’ll elect to participate, link their loans, and complete loan verification to ensure they qualify for the program

From here, employees are on their way to becoming debt free! Questions about their loans or the program terms? No need to call HR, Peanut Butter can help by phone or online.

With our tried and tested process, enrollment is a breeze, both for your employees, and for your HR team. See more on our Digital Enrollment & Phone Support feature detail page.

Digital Enrollment & Phone Support are provided for employees when your company chooses to offer Student Loan Repayment. To see more of the features for employees and features for employers, included in each of our offerings, click below to pick a plan.