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How many people do you employ?


How many people do you employ?

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Custom Contribution
Contribution cost for Repayment 

100 participants at 100 per participant per month
Admin cost for Repayment

100 participants at 5 per participant per month
Base fee

Annual Budget
20% OFF Admin Cost
20% OFF Base fee


Participation rates are generally between 20% and 35% of eligible employees and will vary based on the company’s contribution amount and other factors.

Pricing FAQs

Is there an implementation fee?


Is there a minimum charge for Repayment participation?


Is there an extra charge for family members, part time employees, or contractors to use Resources?

No. Each simply counts as an “employee.” To see your total annual charge for Resources, scroll up and include these people in your total employee count.

Is there an extra charge for additional administrator licenses?
No. Your company will have unlimited admin licenses to support the reporting needs of your HR, finance, and communications teams.
When might these prices change?

Pricing is subject to change. The prices presented here are valid for agreements signed this calendar quarter.

How long does it take to setup a program?

Your program can be setup and kicked off in under an hour. Click here to schedule your company’s Program Initiation call.

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